eating date scones and...

its the end of another monday already. im sure it was monday just yesterday? the days have been like that.. and i have no photos and have put my camera somewhere...who knows where...
its been funcrazybusy..heres a bit of today:
today got woken at 7am by Veda saying her cousin was on the phone and wants to come over. I ignore her until she starts shaking me awake...i then say/groan im asleep and roll over and hide under blankets..
9am cousin rings back.... ok ok ...come after lunch.
in the mean time i research on the net... with perfect(not) timing my overlocker has decided shes done enough. d e a d. aha. so yes i research how much its going to cost to get one that works...because mine doesnt and i really need it right now and sewing machine fixit man advised it was time i start spending money on it or get a new one. i feel a little guilty about doing this...but i traded it in and got a shiny- new - works - so -smoothly and perfectly overlocker this afternoon after dropping off cousin playmate. i justified it in my head in so many different ways....hopefully they will do some good with my old one.
this is jumble isnt it. sorry..too tired to make sense. and im annoyed because id rather be sewing than sitting here in bed. too tired.
which brings me to tomorrow..
kids are going to grandparents house for the day.
me coming back home to MAKE something with the piles i have on the table. mountains actually.
i printed with some old screens today. that was fun.
and i went to buy some gocco screens online and couldnt believe the price of them has doubled in a year.
so now ive ordered mesh and im going to make them out of cereal type boxes like i saw on some blog that im too tired to go find the name of. and they will be much prettier and three times cheaper. like i need more things to be making. as if the list is not long enough......
somehow i managed to make tea tonight....while winking at my overlocker sitting over on the table looking at me. tomorrow we have a date. either that or i come back home to bed. see the dilemna.
the kids saved a bird from the mouth of their sweet innocent little Coco cat today. the brat. i think it was her first bird catch... the bird is now in our animal hospital...the budgies empty cage..with native flowers bird seed and water. shes sitting on the perch with what looks like a broken wing. what to do.......... tomorrow we will put her in the bush somewhere far away from the brat cat. im hoping shes not dead already...even though the kids have buried a few dead pets before :-( once Sindri buried a in spider.. i killed. sweet boy . vicious mumma. ;-)
in the shed we have a willy wagtail nest with mumma wagtail sitting in it. no babies yet. but so very cute. she wasnt happy i was taking photos of her in the nest today. i couldnt get a non -blurred shot...i was a little scared of her..and proud of her protecting her nest.
maybe i left the camera in the shed?
goodnight :-)


melindatrees said...

i was so excited that i could say that maybe you left your camera in the shed.andthen you said it.
hope you date goes all the way tomorow xxxxx
ps, i watched brothers and sisters today.

manda said...

i watched greys anatomy l o v e ...
b&s tonight it seems :-)
i found the camera. buried under a pile.
im home alone.. sewing machine about to die. i think my machines got stage fright or something hehee.. going to pick up haigs one from wendys tonight. phew.