im thinking thinking there are so many words zooming across my brain

i tried to stop for awhile today.. made myself go outside with the camera...went to the

vegie garden and took two photos , one of the dying corn plants and the other of a miniature capsicum. then the camera battery went flat.

im not meant to be taking photos. im meant to be playing with the kids.

im often in awe of how quickly they are growing before our eyes. the kids that is.

i love miniature vegetables. its accidental they are miniature, ... there are these red tomato bugs that have had a feast this summer in our garden. and so now i have given up and dont water the plants for the we have miniature (water deprived) vegies growing. they are cuteness.

the corn plants make a beautiful sound when the wind swooshes through their dried like-paper leaves.

back inside....

i had a thought today that soon i will need a ladder to sit at my desk because the piles are That big.
back outside we planted lots of bulbs. hid them in the dirt. like burying treasure. me and amelie.

and now...time to go drag the cats out from their hiding places and put them outside for the night.

time to sleep .

life is fleeting. and fragile. and precious.

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