im still here. in some form. maybe like a sundried apricot..im a sundried manda.

three days left of school. then holidays. just what i need.
and easter. a wheelbarrow full of chocolate is so very much what i dont need. i like. but dont need.
i made a dress today. i talked myself in being allowed to buy more fabric yesterday. my cupboard is full. but i needed some plain. and some black. now i have a new black dress. its not quite right....my fault...not the pattern.... im thinking id like to wear just black dresses for awhile. black linen dresses. ..reminds me of melinda and her black hemp dress.....
and then when im done..i have some violet linen to make a dress. is it strange if i just wear the same dress in all different colours? who gets to say if its strange anyway.
tomorrow is the 1st of april. one month of autumn gone and im wondering where it is? autumn where are you?
now if only the cow outside who is mooing her head off because she is probably looking for her baby :-( i know.. if she could be just be little more quiet...i could maybe go to sleep so that tomorrow i can get up and get the kids off to school... on time.. for once.


melindatrees said...

i still have the hemp dress.and a pattern for it.definately been there with the different shades same shape.
save some of those little caramel eggs for me :-)

Jodie said...

I'm with you.
One dress in 6 colours. I have no time for all that fussing.