ms. dolittle

thats me.
the only way to keep the 16 birds alive was to bring their cages inside. them and the three cats.
if there were room for 100 or so cows we may need to bring them in too because they are not looking too happy standing out in dry paddocks with not many trees around to hide under.

last night. . 11pm veda cant sleep. too hot. im trying to go to bed early so i can get up in time for the morning school rush that is a reason enough in itself to home school.
the short story is that on this hot night there was my farmer boy, me veda and amelie all squished into bed together. it would have been really sweet and snuggly in winter. last night. well not so sweet. add to that...the budgies that were so unbelievably noisy we thought that coco cat was attacking them in the middle of the night. my boy jumped out of bed to save the budgies and they were fine..just noisy. he covered their cage with cloths and told them to be quiet. which didnt work.
of course us adults woke up grumpy... veda all bright and cheery ready for another day at school in 44 degree heat. what is wrong with my child? heehe... so not like her mumma.
when i went to pick up the kids from school...spraying myself with water in the car on the way there...the temperature said 47 degrees!
oh dear. another week of this and we all might be fried. ...tempura people.

in the next week or two as amelie hopefully feels happy to stay at kindergarten without me.... i will find myself with two days a week to do as i please. that is one big scary exciting strange thought.

my sindri is loving school. he told me his teacher, a man, is nice and kind. i love that he described his teacher as kind. my beautiful boy.

sorry i have no photos. its too hot for taking outside photos and inside my house...which is where i have been for the last 5 weeks....looks like a zoo. really.


melindatrees said...
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melindatrees said...

that was me because i spelt wahdya wrong.
anyway...moving right along.
i reckon you should sleep on the floor in the lounge.high roof, low mattress... ??

manda said...

i have phobia about sleeping on floor. crawling eight legged things. id rather be hot.

Anonymous said...

what's a budgie?

13mimosa said...

I love the imagery of tempura people!