white table

yes we are melting, the sun is scorching leaves and bodies and animals.
the days that have been blurred for the last month are now coming into focus as separate, out of necessity, as school starts tomorrow. i have one girl excited to go back to her friends, to maths equations and to reading reading and more reading. I have one boy who doesnt really want to go back. its not the scared terror he had in grade prep. its the nervousness that comes with entering a new class and rediscovering friendships. and I have one little girl who is excited about a new kindergarten and uncertainty about whether she will let me leave her or not. if she feels safe and finds sweet friends, she will be fine. if not. im not sure what will happen. and it could easily go either way. what will be will be. but i do hope she comes to love the place. and i hope i do too.

i just had a close call with a love bird. there was a red back spider in the cage. oh shit. i had to try kill the red back without killing the love birds and quickly so the red back didnt kill the love birds. talk about drama. i sprayed the red back with killer spider ran away-hopefully to die...and the love birds sat there puffing in the heat. i then sprayed them with water until they were soaked. one poor baby fell backwards off its perch i picked it up thinking it was dead...but no it jumped back to life. now im on water spray duty....every ten minutes. we desperately need an aviary or to set them free. the poor budgies are out there panting and puffing too.

its actually beyond melting weather.,... id describe it more as frying. how my farmer boy goes out to milk his cows in this heat....leaves me to believe it is a genetic farmer condition he has. withstand all that they do, im thinking dairy farmers are definitely genetically different to other human beings. its funny i know... to think there is a gene to blame/thank ,
but im serious. other people would not do what dairy farmers do. and i dont think its learnt either.

anyway...what was i talking about? who knows.
my white table thats right. its in the kitchen area and its working perfectly well. i can sew without the one hour preparation. and pack up. not that i ever did pack up.
i made sindri the cutest shorts out of a tshirt that was my dads, that i had given him. sindri loves them. and i love him in them. and i think my dad might like them too.
i made amelie a pair of shorts out of an old skirt of mine. she saw them and did you know that was my favourite fabric? i thought it was a skirt. and i also made veda her shorts ive been meaning to make for months. i make them the day summer holidays are over. good one manda. better late than never right?


Loretta said...

Poor Murray, god can't even imagine how hot he must be feeling.. x x x x

melindatrees said...

gosh.hope you are both resting on your nice big couches with cold beers in hand.or something like that..