standing outside next to our house yesterday, checking on the giant yellow squash i am attempting to thinking world record ( i must check just how big someone has managed
to grow one ) ....anyway...i look down to find this leaf arrangement that has dropped from the gum tree above. simply perfect. there are little gifts all around waiting to be found.
the kids like our garlic grinder thing... they put there magno-men...(which are one of their most favourite things to play with. magnetic little bendy men. ) inside it or on it like it is a spaceship or something... anyway the other day i found it like this on the fridge. i wish i still had the imagination i was born with.

my Veda made me lunch with leaves and flowers.
and last night she drew this beautiful tree.
this morning i dug through the rubble and found the dolly that i have loved ever since i brought it for veda to look at when she was a baby. i want to make some friends for her...if only i can make them half as cute.

happy sunday :-)


Anonymous said...

yes. i am often floored by childrens' infinite imagination.

and i think to myself, "if only i..."

fahrizal said...

do you like that doll?