hello 2009

my boy went to buy milk this morning...late this morning...breakfast became lunch actually.. so that sindri could make pancakes, and he returned a little while later knocking at the door with a surprise behind his back.
the colour is almost fluorescent orange
the buds are pink
this tree has just started blooming in town. my boy has been spying on it for the last week. today he climbed the fence for me .
i told him to get on his knee right now. he laughed. nervously.
i said yes anyway.
he laughed again.


my other room said...

happy new year for you too, thanks for visiting and leaving a hello. have been around here sometimes too and enjoyed your light world, like the opposite to mine, the season the nature, thats the live my daughter is dreaming about.
I remember the horse prints you made for one of your daughters, they were so beautiful like the flowers above.

Loretta said...

omg omg omg, i go away and miss this sort of news...wooohooooo a wedding yipeeeeeeeee

manda said...

loretta...slowww downnnn..... no wedding. yet. but maybe one day. before im a granny.