last day of 2008

we ventured outside this morning and the green-ness of the garden surprised me. and then i turned the corner to find the vegie garden has doubled in size...without much attention from any of us recently. i gave gingko some (fertiliser) love as she seems to be struggling amongst the weeds. amelie picked three peaches off the tree. three perfect sweet peaches. i dug with my hands for potatoes....have i told you how much fun that is.
then my mum arrived with a bag of beans from her garden for us. so here is amelie sucking on a peach and me crunching on freshly picked beans. . this is the best sort of medicine i think....
our magical sounding garden is under threat from a billion weeds but somewhow i see past them and find so much beauty there. my mum comes and sees a million weeds and work to be done.
and its the same with life isnt it. its just how you choose to see it.
i must be feeling a little better today ( i did get the antibiotics just yesterday kelly :-) because the farm and the mess and the weeds dont seem as big as they did a day or two ago.
tonight there are plans for a special dinner, a movie maybe, and a trip to a family mardi gras?? - i just want to see the fireworks ;-) .... but im not sure we will make it. maybe a picnic in the backyard and a cake and our own fireworks display?
see you on the flip side friends xoxo

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