day four

ive emerged from the cocoon ive been in the last few weeks and it feels so good to feel mostly alive again. yesterday i went to the supermarket to buy a bit of this and that to make salad and i came home with a new pink dress and pink shoes. im in a real pink mood. and i adore this tummy and the way she likes to tie things around her waist. and also the the self portrait....thats what her hair often looks like.
we met up with friends on a sunny saturday, friends and their little people, who we haven't seen for years, and share so many fun time memories with. we had a great day. the pink champagne - which my friend and i both brought along.. was fun too.

their garden is struggling with the lack of water and so they have many rocks. my kids love to run and tumble on the patch of grass at my mums, but they also had a great time with the rocks in this new garden. meet vedas rock friends.
and now day four begins. my friend is threatening to come and help me clean out my wardrobe. i think i had better get in there and make it safe for her to enter :-)

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