girl power

so the weather has cooled down....just for a moment or two.. and that itself is a relief. for everyone.

the cool wind came along today as well, hopefully she took away the worries of the people who worry.

the kids have made capes and masks and cardboard daggers- which is scaring me a lot. . . especially the way veda uses it with such conviction. . . although im also thinking at the same time that there is a purpose to their game that i may not know about, and they may not know either. veda apparently had a big white wolf with her, just behind her. i liked that idea. anyway, today they played outside in a world only their imaginations could see. i sat on the trampoline watching them, eating(not really) their folded leaf food they brought me and taking snapshots of them.

im thinking thinking of where im going to set up my sewing feeling the itch to sew. theres clothes that are needed..for the kids...and a dress or two for me would be nice. im in such a dress mood lately. i love wearing dresses. as i was folding up some washing i was shocked at how many pairs of jeans my farmer boy has. i have maybe two pairs. but then i realised silly me, that i wear dresses and skirts mostly.. he wears pants. and more pants. how boring. im so glad im a girl.

so i have the hose flooding the garden because it is dying in the heat. the paddocks which were green are now straw coloured. it seems summer is here. and im hoping she goes away as quickly as she came. in the mean time the kids like to ask me for icypoles at anytime of the day. we get to eat salads which lets me eat too much fetta cheese. love.

and now my little amelie has fallen asleep in my bed. maybe i will snuggle in next to her.


melindatrees said...

nice.hana called you tonight.she got murray.

manda said...

i thought that was you (or hana)calling.