yin and yang. up and down. dirty and clean. messy and not. happy and sad. broken and whole. black and white. sick and well. hope-full and hopeless. a day of hope today for america has a new (spunky) good hearted it seems, president. watching the happenings of the world on the tv this morning. amelie sitting next to me, not so hot anymore, but still not so well. hope for a better world.
and then the day turned to hopeless and helpless as we got news that our friend with three little babies is losing the fight for her life. maybe she has lost the fight.
i have to say it . life sucks. the sunflower is beautiful, as is the sky. but life sucks.


melindatrees said...


Loretta said...

Oh no. :(

ladybug-zen said...

it's an extraordinary photo.

just behind hopelessness lies a beautiful yellow sunflower and beyond that...a big blue infinite sky.