what day is it?

so we survived yesterday.

my farmer boy put the thermometer outside in the sun at lunchtime and the mercury went all the way to the top which was 50 degrees. if it could have gone further im sure it would have . inside our house was cooler but still struggling against the dragon breathing fire on it from the sky.

we brought the love birds into the bathroom for refuge. they liked that idea. coco the cat liked that idea too. she would have eaten them for lunch im sure.

we sprayed the poor budgies with water all day. i wanted to set them free.

millie cat had her operation to remove a giant lump on the side of her leg.

we went to pick her up at about 5pm when it was like walking around in an earth sized oven.

poor millie is very very sore.

our fingers are crossed that it was nothing more than a lump.

and then we returned home to find a budgie had died while we were gone.

seeing sindris way with his dead budgie , well my heart melted.

and then we received news from the milk factory that we supply, that they are dropping the price that they pay for milk , to a price that just about makes it impossible to be a dairy farmer.

and my farmer boys best cow had to have an operation yesterday...she will be lucky to survive also.

and im thinking.. . .. actually, im trying not to think.

life is colourful and magical. but it also hurts. and its messy.

this morning i picked twelve bursts of sunshine from the biggest squash plant in the world. that was fun. its a cloudy day. . ..simple things make me happy. clouds. yellow . my veda sneakily reading her book in the middle of the night.
gosh i think ive got a headache.


Loretta said...

So much in one post, oh no, for the milk news, poor sindri, poor millie, think i better ring you instead.. x x

melindatrees said...

gosh.hope you are on the flipside today xxxxxxxx

13mimosa said...

What a bad run. I hate how little respect we give our farmers, the people who feed us. I've always wondered how it can be this way, it's really disillusioning. I work part time at an investment bank and you see the money these paper pushers earn (not me I might add) and you think are they really worth it? I have a friend whose husband is a detective in the UK and gets paid a pittance, it really rankles how we value certain people/services.