im off with the fairies. this is the beautiful card my farmer boy gave me for christmas. isnt it the sweetest.
i usually am a little off with the fairies...which i like to do... but for the last while ive been just off.... and now it has manifested into a wicked chest infection. so i drift between bed and pottering around the house. i get the urge to go somewhere and do something with the kids. but then i listen. and i hear them being happy, hanging off the hammock we have hung in the lounge room ,... which may be the kids favourite christmas present. and off i go back to bed.
so we havent been anywhere and my body is making me be still. and so i have time to look around our house. i know ive said it before. . . but i need to get rid of three quarters of the stuff..and then im thinking our house may almost feel spacious. space. i need some to create in. and so we all stop bumping into each other. we cant extend the house right now and secretly i dont think we will ever do it. it seems just a crazy thing to do. though i may change my mind in a month. i do that. so i need to find somewhere other than the kitchen table to put my sewing machines and etc......
anyway... what i came to say was...im sick.... im just here at home hanging out with the kids. slowly filling bags for the op shop. lighting candles because i really love having flame to look at.
i also love this feeling of a new year about to begin.
when i clear my chest.. we might go somewhere. a beach would be nice.


melindatrees said...

ooo.have a go in the hammock too.rest.sending love.
and the card.pfft.drool.

manda said...

hiii :-) i fell ASLEEP in the hammock yesterday! seems it was all of our fave present.

KeLLy MummA said...

my my manda girl have you not gotten that script filled??
i think you need re-inforcements...
may pop over and give you some special treatment tomorrow :-))