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printing christmas prints
eating chocolate and oranges and green curry and strawberries. not all at once
trying to catch up on some sleep
loving my garden
making a new vegie garden
drawing with henna on hands and toes
talking about trees with the kids
listening to the kids talk. argue. laugh. sing
listening to veda compose songs on the piano. so beautiful.
swearing at mother nature when she spits just a few drops of rain on us.
but also understanding why she would do that.
trying to move some stuff out of this house. right now its the only way its going to get any bigger
need to try harder on that one
tomorrow is my mums birthday
tonight i spoke to melinda and hana on skype
i hate skype.
i love the honesty of children.
and i think i may belong somewhere other than earth. maybe im missing my former mermaid life.
and in the mean time. surely obama is going to win the election. and hopefully he will do the right thing once he has.

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melindatrees said...

beautiful paper.hana and i dont really like skype either.once was good but then reality kicked in.