go away wind.

17 holes for 17 silver princess trees ready.
waiting..more waiting,
now for water
that can be driven up and down the driveway on a trailer
so the princesses dont frizzle
in this heat
sometimes i can be patient.
and 1 shiny new dishwasher
not a person
a machine
part of the cleanse my life thing.. maybe.
our old dishwasher left always a few dishes dirty. at least a few.
and it was ugly
this one is nice. if that is possible.
nice because it works at least.
each night i plan on doing something other than lying on this bed.
and each night i seem to find my way straight to bed
after the kids are in their little cocoons'
tired me,
and we have thousands of ladybirds/bugs? that arrived on our farm. lucky us. i hope.
i said to my boy maybe we should start building an ark.
then the rain may come.
have you seen evan almighty?
i could keep babbling
but maybe i should go do some dreaming


melindatrees said...

the princesses must be excited.

manda said...

yes they are excited....i told them they have to wait until the
16th of November..the best day to plant them according to my moon planting calender- i figured i should use it rather than just read it each day.
and by then hopefully everything will be ready for them to be planted. i thought it was a simple thing to plant a tree. apparently not. well actually it is in my garden but when i step out onto the farm things seem to get complicated. why is that i wonder? and guess what melinda...the magical silver princess driveway property is for sale! wanna move?

melindatrees said...

waa is it really.id love to live there.they are probably moving because we scared them that day.