make me happy

i visited a new naturopath today. and although i was a little confused , bewildered maybe at the machine she was using to diagnose... .... well firstly, it was a machine. rather than her talking to me. which is not my style. but anyway,,. i did all the talking and almost told her what i needed.
but the machine which detected through vibration what my body needed. . seemed to be working with me... so now i have a special little bottle of flower essences and some herbs that will hopefully help me get some immunity back, after the chicken pox + the world around me took it off me.

and before the naturopath i visited bunnings- hardware nursery megastore.. and oh goodness. i have now, sitting happily in my garden- in the exact place where those annoying four legged black and white mooing pests destroyed my last tree, a BiG BEauTi FULL silver princess tree. I was so very excited to find her. and around her i have planted lots of daffodils, some of which are flowering. im cheating sort of. i know.but that is irrelevant at the moment. the silver princesses are flowering at the moment in the local area.., but this one has no signs of flowers. you dont know how happy i will be if she flowers in my garden. well melinda knows how happy. and my mum too. my farmer boy is now talking of putting them all the way down the driveway. funny boy.

i also found some perfect garden tools for the kids. wooden handles and real metal tools. kids sized.... inspired by a montessori book i received in the mail yesterday ( im thinking my sweetheart may put me into therapy soon for this shopping addiction i have right now. BUT at least im buying nice things ;-) .

so today we dug in the garden. planting, watering, sweeping. my garden is messy but beautiful. tomorrow im going to buy some paint and we will paint the kids poles and platform cubby land on the weekend. i still need some rocks. maybe i will ring somebody? the rock delivery person.... and order a truck of gravel and rocks. what am i doing? oh and some sand. we need to re fill the sand pit. or just have a pile of sand for digging. its a pity i cant move a beach here.

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