friday was the day i had worked out in my head that the kids would or wouldnt be getting the chicken pox.

this morning sindri walked in to my room with the answer. an itchy spot on his tummy.

i leapt out of bed.

three kids with chicken pox.

its going to be a long week.

the school holidays just started early.

one day down.

not so much itching or illness.

i hear restless sleeping.

fingers crossed they dont wake up covered in spots.

amelie has the most spots at the moment.. and is feeling the worst. poor baby.

im even feeling itchy again.

god i hope i cant catch them back again.

that wouldnt be funny.

wish me luck.


Loretta said...

Oh Family of spots, i hope you are all coping okay, huge hugs.. x x

KeLLy MummA said...

i tried to call today to check on the patients... :-( am sooo freaked!!!!!out for love and anti itch remedie thoughts will be sent your way..take care mrs spottyxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

good luck. bot of my boys had them 2 years ago during christmas. luckily both were very mild. hope yours are too.

Jesse said...

Hope your chicken pox is improving!
Thanks for you comment on my blog - I've tried to find an email address for you, but no luck... please email me jezze-at-tiscali-dot-co-za and I'll send you details about the swatch swap.