frosty monday

this morning i went out to get some wood for the heater so that we didnt all turn into icy poles, and also to see who was making all that noise last night. i found them .. beyond the fence thank goodness. im sure they were having a party out there last night. they were up early though..
and the spiders were weaving their magic also
not to forget the b e a u t i f u l green velvet fairy dance floor we found

on the weekend i made myself a dress with fabric i had printed another time. it fits at least. which for me is always a success in itself. and i kind of like it. i feel a little like molly from a country practice. but you know i always loved molly. and here i am. on a farm. i never knew. we never do know do we?

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Anonymous said...

no we don't, but that's part of the magic, isn't it!

love the photos. so beautiful.