me and the spotties

im slightly sleep deprived. feeling a little like im not quite in my body. im following it around watching as it does all the things it needs to do to bring these three kids back to their sunny little selves. as im following it im trying to look after it as well because its still weak itself. im counting down the days. and in between..... i take whole pieces of beautiful wax paper and cut them into tiny pieces and stick them back together again. its oddly very fun to do.
.. the next morning the kids saw what the mumma elf had been doing the night before and when i finally forced myself out of bed i found their beautiful creations alongside mine. i love that.
today some nice fabric and trims arrived in the mail. a card dropped in my letter box suggesting there was something good waiting for me at the post office. i have to drive 20 kms to pick up parcels. i asked the kids if they felt like going for a little drive. i was sure it was going to be a moaning nooooo.. (and fair enough ) , but it was three okays . hello sunshine :-)


melindatrees said... can block my window view anyday.

Anonymous said...

beautiful designs. having three kids with chicken pox isn't so bad after all, is it? :)

manda said... going to be happy when there is no more itchiness in this house thats for sure :-)

sara said...

oh so nice, 3 children is not enough!!;)

koala brains said...

Very pretty. What do you use to adhere the paper to the glass? My friend makes creations like yours on canvas using tissue paper and modge podge. I like how yours is on glass so you can appreciate its colors. BTW, love your writing style.