a week later

so much life happens in a week.

im here on my new computer. its empty. my old one is so full. i like the emptyness. and its pink.

but it has no mouse. which is strange for my fingers.

in the middle of the week our super boy Sindri had his 7th birthday.

a magical day it was. a magical boy he is.

now its friday night ..or saturday early morning.

the moon was full on his birthday.

we ate marshmallows cooked in our wood heater

we want to go see angus and julia stone playing in melbourne in june. we really like them. i doubt that we will be bothered though.

veda lost two teeth in the last two days. the tooth fairy will get a surprise tonight. two teeth to carry back to her fairy castle.

veda reads books faster than anybody i know.

i cant keep up with her.

amelie patted a pony walking down the street today with its owner. just going for a leisurely walk down the street.

the autumn weather is sunny and cold. frosty and foggy. and a little muddy.

while i was away in melbourne on the weekend the cows got into my garden and made a big mess of it.

why do they do that? im sure its telling me something im just not sure what. (apart from confirming the way i feel about them)

i have made nothing. apart from rum balls and birthday cake. i guess that is a big something. birthday cake is big.

i think about making skirts and i brought some stuffing to stuff some toys with. what those toys will look like i have no idea. amelie suggested i make a sun. i like that idea. they will be for mirabel if i get myself moving a little faster.

my favourite day is monday. amelie and i get to be in her kinder. we always leave energised. i didnt go to kindergarten when i was little..maybe this is my chance to do it with ammie. way more fun. apart from mondays i then look forward to fridays so it can then be saturdays and we can all live at our own pace.

hmm.. want me to keep babbling.
ok. k ..
im looking for somewhere for us to go for a holiday. overseas.
i feel a bit nervous about taking the kids into the bigger world. we live in a cocoon in many ways.
but how exciting it would/will be.
family. oh goodness. what a complicated thing family is.
it doesnt have to be does it.
should we or shouldnt we make our house bigger?
somehow i love the kids more and more, deeper and brighter every day. im so lucky.
ive been reading some nice books with amelie and it makes me want to write and illustrate a book. again. i wish i could make my mind up and just do something.
i like going to the coffee shop with amelie. we have a nice time hanging out together.
sindri likes reading books called captain underpants. of all things! i thought about making him a doll to put his underpants on. hes a superhero, captain underpants. taps into his boyish humour. which there is definitely such a thing.
rage is playing music on tv. i havent watched rage for years. memories........
and what else.
tomorrow theres a clearance sale on. i would like to go..but i am really running out of room for more stuff. really. although i always have room for old fabric and lace and trims, buttons, books,.....
the chances of me getting the kids out of the house on a saturday morning are not good. understandably.
so anyway. off to bed i should go. its nice to be back talking to myself. and to you if you are out there somewhere reading .


Anonymous said...

i love this rambling post. so poetic.

KeLLy MummA said...

manda you need a holiday or your head may actually explode!!! xxxxxx