run away?

even though the cows trashed my garden, there is still beauty to be found out there. for just a bit longer until jack frost comes and bites everything he finds delicious.

my new shoes. i will be happier when they soften and loosen up. they are a bit uptight at the moment. amelie is trying to help me break them in. the other day she spilt her baby-cino on them. oops.
i have to say.. if it weren't for my children and my love i may just put those shoes on and walk my way to the edge of the world. maybe in search of the sea. or at least to a place where there are nice people. or no people. people are too complicated. maybe just trees and flowers.
i made a doll today. a blank felt person. the kids took her before i could give her a face. or some clothes. she doesnt need either of those apparently. shes already become the mother to their dolls.

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