well there flies another wonderful week. there was love day, there was a first guitar lesson for sindri, .. there was amelies first day at kinder without me there. that was big. for her and me.

and we moved into the cubby iin the backyard. or terabithia it is also known as. the mozzies are enjoying my blood as i keep the garden watered. there has been much tree planting. most are hanging in there. there has been some sewing of clothes for me..i m going to have to wear woollen something under them in japan. theres been alot of trying to organise people that dont want to do what we need them to do..for the farm. theres has been so much going on...dancing singing karate not much cooking apart from biscuits.. there was not much cleaning up going on. hence. the mess. , , , ..... but still it seems the week went so quickly. if next week goes as fast i will be in japan before i know it.

we watched a movie called stardust last night. its stuck in my head. i have this image of a glowing star girl. only when her heart is full does she glow. a glowing star girl. :-) i have two of them. :-)