hey baby

17 days i will be in japan. its lucky im so busy doing everything else that i dont have so much time to anticipate what might be. i guess that may be why im having weirdish dreams. i dont need to anticipate anyway...i know its gong to be an amazing time.. hanging out with my sister and her gorgeous sparkly daughter in tokyo :-) equals so. much . fun.

so in the mean time... the making has been in the garden. i have a new hate. irises. which kind of hurts to admit...because i do like purple irises in a vase, but cream irises in my garden, well they spread like .. butter? they often dont flower (from lack of water i guess) ..and make it near impossible for me to dig a hole where ive pulled them out becasue of their bulbish roots. god. i had a workout yesterday trying to plant my new (pink) magnolia. and this was at 7.30 am after i was awoken by my sweet (wet) amelie. lovely. in my bed. :-)

i went on a bit of a tree shopping binge (sorry melinda i know im meant to be saving for japan...) but buying trees doesnt feel like im buying for some reason. its more like adopting.

so i have two crepe myrtles a hot and pale pink, planted amongst some eucalypts...which is nice to have some colour there...they are looking very pretty with their frilly flowers dancing in the (wild) wind.

and ive got two giant ash? trees that will be brilliant red in autumn. these grow dinosaur size so they will be outside the fence line im thinking...wisely . often i dont think and just plant. which is not often a good thing to do.

and ive got a few beautiful natives like a banksia and protea and red devil.... and they are all flowering of course... i always buy flowering ones just to make sure they work, and at least i get to see them flower before they possibly die from my poor gardening skills .

so there went all my energy before midday. the afternoon i managed a new gocco print of baby babushkas. i wish i had some plain tops or some cottton or at least some nice card to print on.. instead i grabbed whatever paper or fabric i could find. . but.. i do like the print on this old floral fabric. im thinking it will become a bag soon. when i get out of the garden.
and to finish the day off we had jamie oliver oops i mean my little brother.. cooking tea on a fire outside. aaaaahhhhhh so nice.


melindatrees said...

ii na, takusan ki katta ne..mitai desu. sono gocco print wa sugoku kawaii.watashi mo bag hoshi yo.purse demo ii yo, nan demo ii.manda nihon mo sugu kuru ne.hontoni tanoshimi ni matemasu. xx

manda said...

ha ha ha ha ha
oh god. thankyou. i think.
yes i need a new purse..
maybe i should sew a demo one first?