flowers save the day

little miss echinacea
pretty miss bottle brush
yet to bloom and cant remember her name right now. she will be pink and furry.
and my favourite, miss red velvet rose , from my girl Veda.

after talking to my sister. and whingeing my head off. because the world of people sucks, you know. she suggested i go outside, into my garden. i scoffed at the idea... for the garden is annoying me too. i need to mow the lawn. and couldnt be bothered.
but eventually i did. and i found a new button on our camera .. it stopped some of the blur i usually get in every second photo. how unbelievably amazing is that banksia flower.


Loretta said...

What niceeee flowers.. have nothing here, not even dead grass.. I want my echinacea to grow.. :(

Saphris said...

Amazing pics! What is the name of the third one down? Is that the banksia?