warm and nice

today our very sweet friends came over for lunch. lunch was delicious pumpkin soup that they brought with them. how lucky am i . it was nice to be inside our warm incubator. sharing dreams and laughing and forgetting about all the worries that sit in a cloud above my head.

how amelie loves to have her friends come to play with her. its such a beautiful thing to watch your kids have friends, and be friends. so the horses were all going somewhere? and there was also some interior design going on.
today two wonderful parcels came in the mail. sindri got some tattoos from his aunty 'retta which he told me to hide in his room, and veda got annoyed that she never receives mail. which wasn't quite true. what she didn't know was that in one of the bigger parcels was a surprise i had bought for her that she is going to flip about. ( i hope and imagine.) i was going to save it for the perfect time but i have had it here all day while she's been at school and i don't know if i can not give it to her. i'm so bad at doing that. the suspense kills me. so maybe i can wait until saturday morning..when she will wake up and find her surprise hanging on a coat hanger at the end of her bed. something she has wanted for a long long time.

the other parcel was more gocco supplies. oh yes. :-)

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Loretta said...

Ohhh i'm so glad u had a nice day. nooooooo wait till Saturday, then she will have all day to love it and love it she will. :)