cyclone level 2

i knew another storm was coming. not the one in sydney. the one in my micro world.
if i knew it was coming i wonder what i could have done to calm it down before it arrived. could i have done anything? or is it just the way it is? like waves. coming going rising falling.
im feeling that there is also a volcanic eruption in the horizon. jeepers! what am i going to do to shelter us from the debris? a holiday at the beach would be perfect .
in the kitchen, playroom, lounge room, art room, sewing room, bird aviary, oh yes and at the same time..the kitchen..... tonight, sits one FINISHED scarf for me and the three kids who will no doubt wear it/ fight over it .
.. and a big pile of fabric because i got a little over enthusiastic at spotlight today. now i'm going to have to do something with it.. move over all that other stuff on the kitchen table....its the sewing machines turn.
we need two kitchen tables.
no actually we need to hurry up and move to a biggggger house. or a same size house with a big studio for me. ok..and a fourth bedroom for veda.
in the kitchen is also an even bigger pile of washing that needs to be folded. oh the pain.
my mum came to stay the night this week. she's getting cuter as she gets older. i wish she would stop rushing back home. we must scare her away.
and finally. would anybody like to buy a farm?

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Loretta said...

Sorry to tell u manda but more room makes way for for stuff. As for the holiday, ohhh yeah, i hear u. x x x