the beginning and near the end

i made sindri a top from the fabric which is a combined print of mine and sindris ideas. i love that. and sindri loves it. i've ironed the print hoping that will be enought to set the print. i might iron it once more and then nervously wash it today.
this is a red print of a little red gum girl on some shimmery gold cotton fabric. i think it will make a special gathered skirt or maybe a kaftan / smock type top for a little girl.
i have squeezed some printing of fabric into my life..somewhere between being awake and breakfast time, or at midnight while the world around me sleeps. maybe it can show that i have squeezed it in. prints that aren't so perfect. colours that i wouldn't choose if i were sitting in the daylight in some other situation. but this is what it is for now. i really love being able to get an idea out of my head onto a piece of fabric. almost instantly. it may take a while for me to get to the ideas where i actually love what i see before me, but i have to wade through a lot of backlog in my head. so i'm having to be patient with myself, and my family are being patient with me.. food takes a bit longer to get into their mouths.. the washing pile is taking over the floor space in more than one room!!! but the kids are as happy as ever and my boy doesn't complain. so the tidiness of this place really mostly just affects my mental state. and if i'm having a good time in my little corner of happiness then it's all o. k for now.
the auction for our farm is this week. its a strange thing. everything could change dramatically all in a day. im trying to trust that everything will work out perfectly.
im also trying to remember that the people who challenge us in life have something to teach us about ourselves. its much easier to look at somebody else rather than ourselves.
so anyway, veda hasn't received her surprise if you are wondering...the time hasn't been right yet. i'm saving it for the perfect time...i will know it when it is here.
and now i must go enjoy the rest of this freezing cold sunday in front of a hot wood fire.

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