saturday night

i sit here, my feet dusty, my legs tired. i took some frustration out on the earth tonight and raked up leaves and twigs and rubbish. its so dusty. i remembered my dad sweeping his thoughts away...just like i was tonight. i felt for the animals. they must be hot and thirsty..waiting for rain. we humans can still go inside and turn on the cooler and get a drink from the tap...water we have paid to be delivered to fill up our rain tank.

its a strange thing to be living in a drought. the extent to which it affects us creeps up on me and surprises me some days.

i was given a voucher for my birthday for a housey type today i went and bought some beautiful pink wine glasses.. niicccee :-) . i didnt have any of my favourite wine to put in them tonight unfortunately... ( brown brothers moscato yummmm) oh well. i drank a beer instead lol..

the kids are nintendo ds crazy again. their addiction had worn off after the christmas bliss of having their own nintendos.... and now that i have one.... it has become exciting again. this morning i had some fun mario kart racing with both veda and sindri together. . in bed... as soon as i could focus my eyes after waking up!

i had both a flat mobile phone and flat car battery today. it doesnt surprise me. my own battery is flat too.

i should have put the jumper leads on my ears for a few seconds......

i should go to sleep hey...

and the beautiful is she? i saw her ( im guessing shes a her) at the melbourne zoo last year.

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