so its 1am and i im probably really going to regret this at around 7am....but i love this time i have when the kids are asleep and the house is so quiet. ive made an apron and ive eaten a bag of lolly gobble bliss bombs mmm yummmm and a twirl . so bad i know.
ive watched brothers and sisters...which i am really happy about having a show on tv that i like to watch...because really theres only 24 and playschool. thats it.
ive also sat at this computer looking at nice drawings and strange paintings and reading stories from strangers lives that may or may not be real.
today we had fun at a big playground..it was a perfectly sunny autumn day.
and by the way universe, i need a live-in chef.

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Suse said...

Thanks for visiting Pea Soup and happy belated birthday to you too. Did you know we also share our birthday with Elizabeth Taylor?

There's posh.