Happy Birthday to me :-)

yep 35. jeepers...what a strange thing that is. i could swear thats a mistake in calculations and im really 25.

anyway...its quite irrelevant. ..or thats how i console myself...

i had a really great day today. the kids were more excited than i could believe..about MY birthday. not their OWN. i could write for an hour about all the wonderful surprises and sweetnesses that filled my heart today.. but i will just say that im so grateful for the beautiful kids i have with me every day loving me so unconditionally..and my boy..the sweetest earthiest biggest hearted boy i could have ever wished for. blessed.

now...with only one hour until its a new day... everyone sleeps...i might go play my new nintendo ds !!!!! from the kids :-) aren't they adorably funny... and murray... he financed their sneaky little plans.... they got me a new game too..sonic... tomorrow they will need to teach me how to use it...

we can also chat to each other on our ds's -while they lay in bed and i am in the lounge room we can send messages to each other. veda said maybe she won't get out of bed quite so many times. lol. we'll see.

i did some shopping today too... got some cute bargains... clothes for amelie.. and shoes...and clothes for veda... it was fun. and cheap. and my house smells verrry nice. i'm burning nag champa incense...hmmmmmmmmm..... aanndd i found my moon planting calendar ive been wanting since january1st. so happy.

my friends are so sweet also. big hearts. im lucky. i have a big family but today i don't know if they even remembered it was my birthday. i used to feel something about that. now i don't. maybe its because im 35. jeepers .

i ate way too much food today... and the birthday cake is in the fridge..uncut. breakfast it will be. we got home late from eating pizza for tea...too late for chocolate fudge cake decorated with lollies.. i did blow out my candles...all 35 of them that veda insisted i needed. and i made a wish.

i hope the kids are all having sweet mumma birthday dreams. or just sweet dreams.

goodnight. :-)

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