a photo i hope

wow.. i have my photo posting powers back. thank goodness.

well we are having some happy christmas moments. amelie sings her christmas carol medleys...i saw mummy kissing santa claus..jingle bell rock..rudolph the red nose.... she's getting into her own adorable little christmas groove. this isn't a photo of christmas baking...but i hope i have a photo of our awesome gingerbread house sometime next week. ( that's hoping we make it). tomorrow we send our christmas cards off and away. phew! now we can reclaim the kitchen table for maybe a night. before the next crafting cyclone comes along. we don't get to eat at the table very often, which is a shame. i would like to.

the buying of presents isn't going so well. i did get a cool book for my boy and myself today which i am excited about... but otherwise...i'm hoping santa has found something special for our beautiful angels.

so now i'm off to bed and hoping tomorrow i have some more patience for my kids when they are scratching moaning pushing and crying. i need to feed them some really healthy food, which is hard when they moan so loudly and refuse to eat it. in desperation i put some rescue remedy in their bath today. i think it may have worked for a little while. or was that just the happiness that comes with being clean and smelling of lavender? i will keep putting rescue remedy into their food and drinks and see what maybe i should drink the whole bottle when i wake up oh its really not that bad! two more days until official holidays begin...yipppeeeee.

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