pinata lasagne and canneloni

today was the day of pinata making. sindri and amelie helped me stick and begged me to let them fill it with treats..but it is a surprise what falls out of our christmas tree. i hope i have made it strong enough. usually murray has to give them some big whacks at the end because ive made them too well. oops. this one will have to cope with quite a few will be pretty hanging in the tree for awhile anyway.
today was also vedas last day of grade 2. do u know how much i love these days? SO much. she got her report which told us shes amazing just as we suspected...and that she had missed 38 days of school this semster ..jeepers! lucky she doesnt need to be there to learn how to read or write.
today was also the day of cannelloni making. except i didnt have many cannelloni shells so i made a combination cannelloni lasagne....which amelie had fun saying cannelloni and lasagne over and over again. shes loving learning new words lately. its a pity she didnt enjoy eating it so much. and as for sindri well forget it. one day he will shock my pants off and eat green vegetables. he will wont he?

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