christmas carols

i really need some practice in naming posts. i have no idea how to do it. how does one get witty? there is a skill to giving good titles. i wish i had that skill.
tonight was christmas carols at school..veda sung like an angel with her friends..they were almost too cute to watch without me bursting from inside out with love and adoration! really!
sindri thought it was awesome because he got the biggest glow stick he's ever had (and he LOVES them). amelie wanted to be one of the big girls, singing, dancing and running around..(with boys eeeeeek!) but she couldn't. and it got freezing cold. the wind kept blowing little dust storms through, and into our eyes. it was nice anyway to be there together, huddled up close, listening and watching these beautiful children sing for christmas.

its gone from ridiculously hot to freezing cold. in one day! this morning we were outside doing a dance because there were a few spits of rain. veda was trying her hardest to get it to pour..but mother nature refused. fair enough, but sad too. veda is feeling the drought too in her own 8 year old way. :-(
i took sindri christmas shopping today which was fun. fun because we found some cool things and fun because it wasn't a long exhausting shopping trip..which is how shopping usuallly ends up. kids have so many other things to do than hang around shops. and really...after seeing the utter junk they are selling in the shops i have access too...for crazy prices.. i really can't be bothered shopping either. how sad is that! lol. problem is i'm not inspired to make either. jeepers.....i wonder what santa will be bringing to our home this year. maybe he's bringing change. a great gift :-)
i had a great conversation with my sweet sister and baby hana today. im so so hoping she decides that yes that was a wonderful idea we came up with. exciting that would be! i think i would burst!
so my angels are all snuggled up warm under their doonas and quilts. . i will try to post a photo...lately i can't seem to post photos and i don't know why.
anyway..i really should be finishing my christmas cards now..instead im off to find some more energy in my sleep :-) goodnight.

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