busy day
woke up too late for school
son didnt want to be there to sing holy songs in church
fair enough
he has church issues
school did that to him
so we stayed home
daughter has a bit of a cold
i have a whole cold
i havent had one for a long time
id rather this blocked nose of today than the sore throat of yesterday
the kids played hacky sack with rolled up socks
and i sewed and got shop orders together and sent off
that felt good
then i filled some little babushkas with rice
the kids thought that was the most exciting thing
they played with them for a long time
at times they threw them too hard
then i told them to go outside where the space helped
im getting ready for the market in bendigo:: dec8th at the town hall
its going to be a big fun day
i cant wait
well i can actually
i still have things to do for it
amongst the other things
like pack a girl , well not a girl but stuff for the girl, ready for camp
and pack a picnic for a 90th birthday lunch
visit melbourne and the people i love there
to name a few..
add in some clearing sales christmas makings and doings…..
i really need to get rid of this cold.


Sally said...

Loving all that making in your photo. Yes - I'd rather skip school too.

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