beautiful sunshine
i do love your warmth that reaches deep into my bones
and the shadows and rainbows you make in our home morning and night

sunshine you also woke up the snakes
and there have been too many getting too close to our home
rosie warns us if theres one visiting
i love her for it, and for protecting the chooks from the foxes

im torn
i love living closely with nature, her beauty fills me with awe most days
but its also so hard at times

i have to write down how we survived a really horrible time this year with our youngest being so sick.
i suspect it was some sort of whooping type cough.
i dont think we've had such a nasty, almost evil germ in our home
i was sick with worry and so tired , so very tired.
we survived it
it feels like a horrid dream
she still has left over coughs here and there

the end of the year is getting close
i feel some crazy times coming up
my sore throat is telling me to take it easy when i need to
you have to listen to those little voices inside

next week im determined to go play with my sister and her beautiful girls
ive been trying to do it for months now
no more excuses im just going to do it. somehow.

sore throats hurt.

i need to be making some of the ideas in my head.
but time only fits so many things.

in a few weeks i will be at some markets with the babushkas
they are always big, fun days.
being so close to christmas…should be extra exciting.

time for sleep.
thought i would just drop by.

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Sally said...

Oh I love the sunshine too. Touch wood we don't really need to worry about snakes... but this past week I've found about five red back spiders making home in the children's outdoor toys.
SNAP re the sore throat too. I wish I'd listened to my inner voices sooner. I've not been able to speak since Friday!!! On antibiotics now... I never go on antibiotics... but this sore throat is like nothing I've experienced in a long time.

Hope you have had some rest. Take care.