flowers in winter

....rainbow chasing and playing with friends and feeling frozen grass under my feet while spying on flowers popping out of their pods, wondering if the moon really is getting any closer to earth because it seems to be getting bigger and bigger...., and receiving a roll of my babushka fabric in the mail, and deciding i would put some in my shop and see if anybody wants to make something with it. and tomorrow we are going to a wedding. my nephew is getting married. i remember him so clearly as a little baby which must mean i am getting old. weird. amelie is going to open her own clothing/cake shop/art gallery called Come to Heaven. (when she is older!), inspired by what she likes to do lately and her new most favourite book ever :: A bus called Heaven by Bob Graham. 


Beck said...

What a beautiful, enticing name for a shop/gallery. We love Bob Graham too..I will have to look for that book. Manda, thank you so much again for the gift of your books. They travelled with us through airports, on planes, in hotels and houses & out to dinner. The girls coloured their little hearts out and marvelled over your gorgeous images. Sunday would like you to make another book using your animal images..she fell in love with them. I did too. Especially the cockatoo xo

Posie Patchwork said...

Thank you for the lovely fabric you sent me Manda, i adore it, love Posie