mid winter reunion with the blog

hello…we are all still here, we meaning me, my farmer boy and our kidlets. its the middle of winter and some days we are truly aware of that with the mud that we have to get through to get off and around the farm, and the frozen windscreens in the morning and the frozen fingers that need to defrost before they will move, and the constant burning of wood to heat our nest, and the amount of baking and eating that is happening. and then other days the sun is shining and the skies are beautiful and flowers are flowering and it feels like spring. but i guess when all the blossom is blossoming and the mud has dried and become a bumpy landscape we will know its spring. 

my little babushka shop has been buzzing busily which has been so much fun and has me motivated to think about whats next and what is possible. im working on a christmas babushka and hopefully i will be at the bendigo square market in spring. 

ive had moments of digging through the cave of treasures that is my studio, which has become a storage room for everyones excess stuff! i feel a big garage sale coming on when the weather is right. - more spring action! ive put a few things that ive found into my shop, some of my handprinted old style babushkas. id like to do some more printing. and more dyeing with plants too. 

Amelie has become the cake-maker in the house. Thankfully she has moved on from the chocolate cake which she can now make on her own….I'm hoping orange syrupy cake will be next. 

the wattle tree that we planted as a tiny baby is now in full magnificent bloom. i could look at that yellow all day.
 whilst on my way home from taking the kids to school this week i met the creature above. it was a little surreal to be staring into the eyes of a fox. normally they run away as soon as they see you…..thats if they are alive…..the ones we see are usually dead. this guy just stood there staring at me and even let me take photos. i wonder what he was thinking.
50 cents each on my latest garage sale adventure. and they work. and i dont need three more lamps but i couldnt resist… 

we woke up very very early and with the kids we carried their doonas and little bodies to the lounge room at 5.30am to watch the olympic opening ceremony.  

and now its Sunday, my favourite day of the week. the sun is shining here helping the wattle to glow even more if thats possible. bye x x

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