playing with dolls and fire

this week flew by. fast. 
we are counting down to monday when our big boy turns 11. yep. 11!
we've got his dream present for him. and he really thinks theres no way hes getting what he wants.... because thats what i keep telling him. oh its going to be a fun morning.
yesterday my big girl stayed home from school. she tidied her room, she sang, she played dolls with amelie. it was so nice.....we are having school dramas. she wants to learn singing and drama and cooking and sewing and yoga and english. not all the irrelevant crap that they learn at school. combined with the attitudes etc...of the kids at school....its slowly or maybe quickly sending her crazy. and us too. 
i wish there was a beautiful school. why arent there beautiful schools. why arent all schools beautiful?
this afternoon sindri decided to make a fire. then amelie quickly joined in and made another one next to sindris. and then sindri made another one. three fires. we cooked potatoes in the fire and toasted bread on sticks, spied on a possum jumping on the shed roof, ate marshmallows, rode bikes and chased calves and declared we should do this all the time. 
tonight i noticed Amelie has moved her little dolls bed into my room, on the floor next to my bed. now her doll Olive is sleeping with us too. 
i love saturday nights. and i love sunday mornings too. and i smell of fire. nice.
::: and....
i took brighter photos of my Umbrella Prints 2012 Trimmings entry. I cant wait to see all the entries :-)
and finally :::: if you like handprinted fabric you might like to join in the swap that Leslie is organising. I did it last time and it was lots of fun getting nice surprise parcels in the mail....and sending them off into the world too.
bye x

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