marathon training

ive been painting.
and swatting and swearing at flies in our house
ive been doing the same with our dear dog Rosie (swearing and growling) who has taken up night time barking again
amelie has learnt to ride her new (old) groovy bike in one day. on the second day she rode it about 1km down to my mums to see her cousin Hana

i ran along side her (that was today) and tonight my legs are killing me
it scares me a little how unfit i am
must do something about that
yoga sounds nice (and gentle) would that help me to run driveway mini marathons i wonder.
ive been physically attached to my iphone since i got it. i never knew. but now i do. its too much fun.
ive had all sorts of weird things happening around me. theyve been making me feel tired. now i wear a crystal and find myself asleep very early. i like sleeping early.
i told my farmer boy i would like to be a monk if i wasnt living this life. the silence i imagine would be refreshing....for awhile anyway... until it sent me cuckoo....
i have fabric waiting to be sewn into a dress for me. it has little tiny scattered bird prints on it and its a cacky brown colour and its quite thin. i like it. it was maybe $4 at the big junky clearing sale we went to on the weekend. most of the junk i bid on and won just for fun ended up at the opshop on monday. funny.
gosh its fun to bid. although i need to do more clearing out and less bidding. i have mountains of books to get rid of, and thats after keeping the mountains of our favourite ones.
i want to have a stall at camberwell market if i can ever get one. its booked out months in advance.
oh and i am in fact having a little shop/stall at the square market in bendigo in june. that will be fun. its in the old town hall which is very beautiful. i hope to work some magic and have something nice to bring along with my colouring books.
and now i must go to sleep. i love sleep.

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