i love grey. with a bit of pink or yellow.


grey icy days outside
mean cozy colourful days inside
today amelie knitted for most of the day....first it was going to be a bootee for my sisters baby coming in spring time, but then, while amelie had a shower her daddy did some knitting for her to help it grow a little quicker, and now shes thinking maybe it will be a scarf. it may even evolve into something else yet.....
i stopped procrastinating and finished my umbrella prints trim girl. well i thought it was finished until i took some photos and saw the photos on my computer, and now im not sure i am finished. or whether i like her very much at all. i think i have looked at her for too long.
tonight i cooked roast vegies. i am quite sure i could live on roast potatoes.
sindris lettuce is growing crazyhappily. thats about 1000 seeds in an old calf feeding trough.
miss gingko is at her prettiest right now. the grey skies are a great backdrop for the fluoro colours of the leaves right now.
okay im off to eat some chocolate and maybe do some birthday scheming.....our boy is soon to be 11!
x manda

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Stara Sonam said...

nice post, I have been collecting the Ginko leaves this year, because I have heard when they are yellow and just about to fall of the tree, they are most potent, but Ginko tea is yukky- so not sure what to do with them all- anyhow you make beautiful art and have such a sweet space here!