hole in my finger.

i really really want to see Arrietty again. we all do. and i just found out its going to be released on dvd in Australia on May 23rd. have you seen it? and all the other wonderful studio ghibli movies? if you haven't you have a big treat awaiting you.

i need to make a snow white dress for my big girls school production performance. well, i could have bought one...and i did look, and find one on ebay. but then i went op shopping today and found the perfect big puffy yellow dress, which was half price....$3.50, and together with a a few other bits of blue and red fabric, i am going to make the most awesome snow white dress for my girl. fingers crossed and creative visualisation ;-)    and i need to do it by thursday.
other than that.. my farmer boy bought a cockatiel from the farmers market for who knows what reason.....i wasn't there at the time to smack him when he decided we need a bird in a cage. ? ? its in his genes....budgie breeder/farmers going back many generations...... but still! a cockatiel...really??? so anyway....we only had a tiny cage for it ...so today i had to spend $75!! to buy a new cage for this bird...who has been named Graham by the kids...because I was feeling so sad for it in that tiny cage. so i went to grab him to put him in the new cage and he went mental and pecked and bit me as hard as he could, while sindri watched me and almost wet his pants laughing at me....i even said fuck. in front of the kids.! i dont do that. but jeepers it hurt. and it was very funny.
and then the cats and dog were interested to see what was going on. animal mayhem.
lets hope the cage is in one piece in the morning, with a bird inside.
i forget what its like to live with no animals. or kids.
tonight muzz walked out from seeing all the kids in bed and said "we have three kids!"
sometimes it is a freaky thought to think that we are the parents! im Mum!
and one of the kids is a teenager.....next year she'll be 15! freeeaky.
alright....time for zzzzz.....
later. x

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kelly said...

Oh you made me laugh with your f%#£€ word in front of your kids....I know you never say that, that cheeky bird must've pecked the crapper out of your finger for you to of said that :-))))) lmao