you all win

today is my birthday ! i am 40 !
i don't feel it. but i do feel super happy, so loved, and so lucky.
so on this fine sunny day i decided to give a book to everyone who said hi on my colouring book giveaway post. yay..thats right. you all win :-) so can you please email me your details ? and then i can get your books in the mail, on their way to you!
i'm having such a nice day. i've been smothered in love and kisses and balloons and cake and love and presents. happy happy.
manda x


Beck said...

Oh Manda! Happy Birthday!! 40 is just the start of so many wonderful years, so far I've loved this being in my 40's. Thank you SO much for the gorgeous books that arrived today, I was so excited to see the package. I'm keeping your beautiful books hidden until our trip in June. I can't wait to see the girls faces when I give them to them. Keep enjoying your birthday, I'm so happy to hear of all the treats and love you have been getting, enjoy! xo

Kate said...

Happiest of happy birthday marvellous Manda!!!
I've only had a few months of 40 but so far so good.
I'm really thrilled that your gang made such a big fuss of you too. xx

Sally said...

Happy happy birthday!!! Sounds like you have had a very special day. Thanks for sharing all the joy.

Kate said...

Silly me, I'm PO Box 568 Daylesford 3460.
Eeeeeeep, I'm so excited. Do I have to share with the girls? XX

Anonymous said...

I remember being 40. Congrats on your birthday. Sharon 676 Broad Road, Geary, NB, E2V 3W6