babushka fabric

hi there :-)

i got a nice parcel in the mail today
a delivery from Spoonflower of some fabric samples i ordered
this could be a new addiction
making your own fabric designs is much fun
it would be fun-ner if i could use a computer with more skill.....but nevertheless.....
next is what to do with it
i stuffed two cushion/dolls
i personally think they are a little weird
i gave one to my little friend Clover
hoping she likes her of course.
i want to make flags...because i love flags. so does my sister-she wants some babushka ones... and my dad loved flags too <3
i have a mouse living in my kitchen . i need to catch it because they are sneaky dirty little creatures....when in my kitchen....outside i don't mind them so much.
bye x


Kate said...

BUT I do not love the little mice eating the grapes on our deck. They are making an awful mess.
AND I am going to tweet your colouring book right now. Just too divine. xx

Amanda Paino said...

see...dirty rascals they are....eating your grapes! and thanks for the tweet you are too sweet :-) x o

Madeleine said...

There's fabric too! Awesome and clever lady x

Anonymous said...

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