first day blues

the first day back at school is never an easy one in our house. its probably mostly my fault. i try not to give it anything but good energy, but the kids must feel it. today my boy had a rocky start to the morning thanks to the disorganisation he was faced with when he got there. he was already off balance and the chaos of new buildings, mixed up grades and useless lists and scattered teachers....threw him off the deep end. my sensitive one. and my big girl rang me at 9.10am to inform me that year 8's start school tomorrow. yep. so funny. and the rest of the day has been mostly about waiting for 3pm when i can go pick up my boy and hopefully hear stories about what a great day he had. hope your day has been rosy!

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kelly said...

Thank goodness he ended up having a nice day :-)))...p.s it was nuts in those class rooms. X