since we got back from Tasmania I seem to be possessed by a strange new energy
I see everything around me in a different light
Every time my farmer boy comes inside he finds me doing something out of the ordinary.
I hope I can sustain this strange space I'm in. I'm enjoying it.
Today I spontaneously started pruning a wattle tree in the back yard which led me to the melaleuca and then the bottle brushes around the corner. With a bunch of little cuttings in water in pink glasses on my window sill in the kitchen, I then drove into town and bought seed raising mix and cutting powder to help the roots grow. And now in our bath!! sits a tray of miniature trees in pots, which will hopefully grow and be the beginning of the forest I want our farm to be.
And that was after picking up my Mum (down the driveway) to go to a garage sale at 7.45am. The garage sale was pretty pathetic but the drive with my Mum was nice.
Now my bigger girl is in the kitchen cooking tea for us all, with her friend. Taylor Swift is singing along with them. Not in person of course.

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