sitting in the cool of my cooler
when i went to water my mums garden earlier, the car told me it was 41 degrees outside- ouch.
on the way home-down the driveway i noticed her dog had decided to come for a visit to our place
mum told me her dog Bebe doesnt like water. well she currently looks like a wet, muddy rat. Rosie peer pressure got to her i guess.
this morning we went to a garage sale after a drive across the countryside to a place we have never been. just me and amelie. nobody else wanted to get out of bed at 7am. it was garage sale heaven. im guessing the lady was once an art teacher. there must have been 100 boxes to rummage through. i giggled in delight. we got games, old cute ones like bingo and cuisinaire blocks and beautiful jigsaw puzzles and a paper recycling kit-i loved that find. its new! and ive been wanting to make paper with the kids. ....... oh it was a fun time. we got 4 boxes full of stuff. fun stuff. now i guess i should go find 4 boxes of stuff to get rid of. it was a nice drive home. me and ammie ate nice food, and i drank a nice coffee, and a nice man asked if i was okay after i bumped my head putting the boxes in the car. and then ammie told me i keep saying nice nice nice.
it looks like its going to rain now. that would be sticky. but nice. ha ha.
im waiting for blogger to upload takes forever because my photo files are huge.. i should adjust that one day.
amelie is playing with christmas decorations we got at the sale, and apparently we need to build a new house for the dolls because they dont fit in our wooden doll house. amelie loves wreaths and wants to hang one on her doll Tinky's front door.
Veda is writing. she spends most of her days writing. we dont see her alot. She cant help but to write. and Sindri is trying to draw pictures of his fighting fish, but the fish wont stay still. Muzz is having an afternoon nap....a nice thought, but i think i might go do some more colouring. Im on a mission to make a colouring book. its a work in progress, currently stuck all over my kitchen wall. at odd hours of the day and night you will find me under a pile of textas.
We were going to a movie tonight but i really cant be bothered. Maybe I will get an energy burst at 5pm. kids are now playing bingo = holidays love. they are fighting like cats and dogs but its still nice.

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Sally said...

I remember the little wooden blocks from maths when I was a kid.

Hope you got to the movies. Sounds like you need the air-con.