kitchen wall beginnings

the kitchen is where it all happens
the food of course
but the sharing the playing the meltdowns the passing conversations as farmer boy drops in and out the telephone calls the painting the plotting the making the fire in winter to keep the whole house warm the in and out of the back door of cats 1 2 3 4 of them and also children off to bounce the energy out of their bodies onto the trampoline

one wall in our kitchen is lily pad green...we have lived with it for years and years....but im having the urge to paint it blue. im not sure why. farmer boy will not like the idea i know already
and finding just the right shade to live with and love is a tricky thing. maybe i just feel like painting. not walls but pictures. maybe.

and now in the middle of the kitchen sits a table of games for us to play, and dodge on our journey through the kitchen well maybe not journey..the kitchen is not so big at all
first it was snooker and now its little men playing soccer
i wish i had another space for it ..it was cute to have it in the middle of everything for about a week, maybe two....but now im starting to curse when i bang into it and i need to find a space
i dont want it to be out of sight ie..in my back room...because it wont get played with. hmmm. will have to rearrange somewhere.

but anyway...on my kitchen wall right now are my drawings that will come to life this year. i promise myself. im thinking colouring book but have greater plans for them
for now, before we head off to tasmania, i get to see them everyday, thinking..dreaming.. they would make such cool wallpaper.


kelly said...

the kitchen...is the best place ever!
i had no idea you had that snooker table game thingy :-) cool!

Sally said...

I love your kitchen. It is beautiful. I love your descriptions of the comings and goings.