in the garden

our beautiful little Rosie has grown into a rascal-ly dog. she's either lazing around the garden flat out asleep. or she is off with the boys chasing cows. or she has run down the driveway-almost a kilometre, to play with my mums dog and cause havoc in my mums garden. or she is chewing up something and scattering it all over the lawn like confetti. the grass hasnt been just green for a long time. or shes on the trampoline with the kids-we are hoping she learns to jump and somersault one day soon so we can win funniest home videos. or , at abour 5pm she is barking like a lunatic dog whilst doing laps of our house..and will continue to do that all night if i dont tie her up and put her in bed. ahhh rosie. you are a beautiful girl.

little miss cream puff is just super sweetness in cat form. she either smooches up to your legs or attacks them as you walk past. depending on her mood i guess. and she has an eating disorder.not really..but god she loves to eat. all day and night.

its a perfect spring day here today. i cant wear ugg boots around the garden any longer. and so my white toes are squinting at the sunshine that they havent seen for many months.

my garden is very busy. everything keeps changing with or without me out there. this morning i noticed::

::the raspberries are flowering and the bees are busy making the flowers into baby berries..yipppeeeee

:orange blossom is scenting the air so sweetly

::the strawberries have a million sstrawberries on them-today i picked one that was just a bit ripe and ate it. mmmmm warm sweet strawberry off the plant. it was at that moment i decided to dedicate myself to the mission of getting the strawberries to grow BIG and RED and to save them from any animals that may get to them before i do. i wonder if i can do it.

:: i wonder because it seems a possum had a midnight feast on my apple tree and ate every single blossom that was there. unbelievable and so annoying.

luckily i have more apple trees but thats not the point ,right? ..and i guess they arent safe either.

hmmm it seems my garden is under attack actually now that i think about it.

:: the snails are also enjoying nightly feastings on my peas. i really dont like snails. i caught about 100 the other night but im sure theres a million more hiding out there. amelie and hana on the other hand like to play snail games. i wont use snail bait so i dont really know how to get rid of them. any ideas?

::today the kids and i put a tent up in the backyard just for fun. i doubt any of us will sleep in there considering we have caught 4 snakes on the farm already. i havent seen a live one slithering around thank fully. i hope it stays that way until winter.

:: today i planted a handfull of sunflower seeds, zucchini and corn.

:: the peach trees are covered in little peaches. y u m.

:: the chooks are laying eggs but the crows are stealing them if they beat us to them. the willy wagtails chase the crows but that doesnt affect the egg stealing going on.

:: the sweet peas are flowering as is miss gorgeous bouganvillea(above) ...chamomile is on her way to, her leaves are so delicate, no wonder she makes a nice tea.

:: i dug up some baby potatoes- i couldnt wait. next time ill try to resist the urge.

:: i moved an old metal calf feeder that is going to become a herb garden..sindri wants to help-i think that will be his garden.

::hmmm yes its a busy time out there....

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Jodie said...

So much happening in your garden - I wish we could grow bouganvillea here in ballarat but it is too cold...Yours looks great.