its a lot of fun to cut up jumpers that people have decided they dont like or need anymore. its also a lot of fun to be searching for the elusive soft,furry, perfectly coloured jumpers with my sister while our girls rummage for toys(junk).

while waiting for tea to cook i sew their bits together.

with eucalyptus dyed fabric with clover prints i make little clothes.

and now there are three more cats in the house. because if you cant beat them, join them. or something like that.


beck said...

What's new pussycat..wo wo wo o o! I LOVE your kitty cats, are they the ants pants??? Specially in love with the green one. Actually, make that Pinkie, oh no, I fancy Bluey too. Your recent dying adventures are producing some lovely results, it reminds me of my mum when she was into tie dying and natural dyes. Fun!! xo

Sally said...

Gorgeous... they're all gorgeous!

manda said...

hi beck...the dyeing is so much fun. sometimes i imagine it would be nice to not have so many 'distractions' and immerse myself in it. but who knows if i would ;-)
thanks sally :-)

melindatrees said...

i hope you are sewing hana hers because she is driving me crazy to give you stuffing!