planting trees makes me happy.
we planted this weekend : : :
nectarine < plum > almond < apples > apricot < cherry > and some crepe myrtles for their blossom :)
i can't wait for spring.
i do like the warm fires of winter. and the bare branches of the trees at night in the moonlight. i like having a burning hot water bottle on my feet in bed. and i like that i can drink hot coffees to make me feel warm. and i only take my ugg boots off to go to bed.. and to have a shower. i like that i can see the birds on the bare branches. and i like the warm sun with the frosty air.
but i look forward to spring and the sprouting it will bring.
imagine* a photo of my hyacinth bulb that is miraculously flowering after being in water for only a few weeks. not sure how that happened...magic on my kitchen windowsill.
you have to imagine because im out of time.
manda x

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Kate said...

What a beautiful picture you paint.
I must admit though that I'm pretty happy to miss most of this winter and spring though. Just too wet.
Also, the holes in my ugg boots are almost bigger than the ugg boots them selves.
Big love to you. xx